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CCTV Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions and to be read in conjunction with the company general terms and conditions provided.

  1. John Wall Drainage Service Ltd has made every concerted effort to produce a quantative CCTV report. We have outlined significant observations and where applicable, any remedial action we feel is required. We cannot accept any liability for misinterpretation by other parties of the information provided in this report.

  2. The conditions of the drainage observed in this report are that only of the Drainage Engineer on the day the survey was completed.

  3. Unless otherwise stated the invert level of any inspection chamber (manhole) is measured vertically from the bottom of the channel to the top of the chamber cover.

  4. John Wall Drainage Service Ltd use a grading system to identify displacements on a pipe, these will be slight (JDS), medium (JDM) or large (JDL). This system is useful to quickly identify where remedial works are required. The grading is our interpretation of the defects and the findings are the opinion of the Drainage Engineer who completed the report - care should be taken when interpreting these scores.

  5. Taking into account the nature of CCTV surveys - at any time the distances given in the CCTV survey report may differ from the actual measurements on site. If any remedial works are to be carried out resulting from this survey by ourselves or another party, actual ground measurements must always be taken prior. No responsibly with be accepted by ourselves for any inaccuracy in relation to any distances recorded.

  6. The clock reference system is used within our report, this is used to indicate where observations are being made. For clarity, the top of the pipe is 12 o’clock and the bottom of the pipe is 6 o’clock. Where observations are made between points on the clock face, they are done so in a clock wise direction.

  7. A copy of the CCTV survey and report may be kept up to one year from the report date, during which time, duplicates can be purchased if required. After this time the original will be destroyed. It is the customers responsibly to retain their copy for any future reference. No copies will be issued to third parties.

  8. The drawing provided within the CCTV report are not to scale and are for reference purposes only. If scaled drawing are required these can be provided at an additional fee.

  9. Any quotation arising from the CCTV survey report will be valid for one calendar month.

  10. If access is required onto private land it is the customers responsibility to ensure all relevant permissions are obtained prior to our attendance.

  11. If we are required to work within a confined space as defined by the Health and Safety At Work Act, we reserve the right to charge for any additional safety equipment.

  12. If damage or loss is sustained to the companies equipment due to reasons beyond their control or due to defective pipe work or some other unknown risk, the company reserves the right to charge for the costs of retrieving the equipment, including the instruction of another contractor and/or costs to replace the equipment and all associated equipment. The company also reserves the right to charge for loss of profits at the rate of £250 (Excl VAT) per day due to downtime of the equipment up to a maximum of 7 days. If after this time the equipment has not been retrieved, the Employer is fully responsibility for full replacement of the equipment and all associated equipment.

  13. Only accessible drainage will be surveyed, if remedial works are required to gain access to a drain to allow a CCTV survey to take place, additional charges may be applied.

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