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CCTV Survey and Drain Trace

  • We provide the very latest in CCTV equipment and have various cameras to meet the different needs of our customers.

  • We invest time in testing each new technological innovation so that our customers can benefit from an efficient service and high quality surveys examples of which you can see above (the dvd example).

  • We train our staff to the highest levels; one aspect of this includes work within a confined spaces and sewer entry which all operators are fully trained in.

  • All staff are fully trained to the highest level in undertaking CCTV surveys to ensure you get an excellent service and the highest quality surveys.

  • We can carry out CCTV surveys on drainage pipes from 100mm diameter upwards and also have equipment for areas of difficult access.

  • For each survey we compile a full diagnostic report in plain English, produce a full colour DVD recording and a sketch of the area.

  • The report and DVD is put through our strict quality control procedure to ensure our high standard is maintained.

Drainage Trace & Survey

  • We will trace all on site drainage and plot them onto a site plan showing the direction of flow and positions.

  • Each survey will be accompanied by a detailed report showing the condition, invert levels, sizes, branch lines, etc.

  • A necessity for the Environment Agency to ensure you know where all your on site drainage on site discharges.

  • Required in the event of spillages and fires on site.


Click Play to view a typical
example of a CCTV drain survey

  Crawler with CCTV camera
CCTV equipment

Typical report
CCTV Roaming Camera

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