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Drain Lining and Patch Lining CIPP


Whether itís a full length drain liner or and patch line repair, we can provide an excellent quality no dig solution with our ĎCí line equipment.

Disruption is kept to a minimum and its a fast and effective solution which provides a new pipe within a pipe†

  • We provide the very latest in drain lining and patch lining equipment to carry out the works effectively.

  • No hefty excavation costs incurred or the disruption and mess of a replacement.

  • Solutions to problem drainage under buildings or in no dig areas such as production lines.†

  • Staff are fully trained.†

  • We can line drainage from 100mm upwards.

  • We have a self contained lining unit to minimise disruption on site.

  • Our specialist drain liner can withstand most corrosive chemicals which is discharged into your drainage systems.†


The video on the right shows how the patch lining process works. The patch is wrapped around special equipment that can be inflated, and inserted into the damaged drain. It is then expanded onto the exisiting pipe and left to set hard. After curing the equipment is deflated and removed, leaving the patch inplace.


The 2 videos below show CCTV footage of actual drain surveys. The bottom left shows footage before the patch. The bottom right footage shows the pipe after the patch lining is in place.

Lateral Cutting within a drain.

If a drain needs lining but there are lateral connections from other drains such as gullies or toilets, lateral cutting is usually the answer.

Prior to installing the liner lateral connection points are identified and measured out. Once the liner has cured we are then able to send our lateral cutter down the drain to the located connection. The connections are then cut out using a specially designed diamond blade on a robotic arm.

The cutter is controlled above ground by our trained engineer working in conjunction with a CCTV camera.

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