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Excavation and Repair
  • By nature excavation can be disruptive but at JOHN WALL DRAINAGE SERVICE LTD we pride ourselves on the ability to minimise disruption through our excellent organisation skills and trained operators.

  • Our staff are trained to work to the highest standards and at the same time hold respect for both property and the environment. 

  • We are Streetworks Accredited both operator and supervisor level. 

  • Our excavation projects generally involve restoring collapsed drains or carrying out remedial work to repair damage caused by roots or badly jointed drains.  We can undertake excavations from small domestic tasks to full-scale drainage replacements and provide a comprehensive and professional excavation service

  • We are also able to provide a service to processing industries, chemical plants etc. where more specialist knowledge and equipment are required.

On site excavations

Tree roots

Intrusion of tree roots can cause serious blockages and in some cases can even cause drains to collapse.

Roots can be removed from the drains by high pressure water jetting but if the roots are too strong for this method we have specialised root removal equipment for the more larger & stubborn roots.

We can also offer the option of relining the drain " providing the drain is not to badly damaged" once the roots have been removed which will prevent roots from re-growing in the future.


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