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Pollution Prevention

Pollution Prevention

Prevention is better than cure. We specialise in providing practical solutions to prevent liquid contaminants leaving site to the satisfaction of the Environment Agency. Problems can arise at the most inopportune moment causing extreme disruption and cost not to mention the Environment Agency fines which can be incurred for non compliance.

  • JOHN WALL DRAINAGE SERVICE LTD is registered by the Environment Agency as a carrier and broker of waste and comply with all relevant government legislation.
  • We keep up to date with the latest environmental legislation to ensure we are advising our customers of the legality in relation to current legislation.

  • We can provide waste sample analysis, where required.

  • Our operatives are trained to deal with hazardous and toxic materials.

  • The disposal process follows a professional route through some of the largest waste treatment companies in the area. You will be provided with the relevant documentation giving you piece of mind and the satisfaction that final disposal will be handled in an environmentally correct manner as set out in the standards of the environment agency.

Anti flood installation at 5 metres deep


Anti Flood Installation and Pumping System

  • We can install both anti flood installation and pumping systems to prevent backflow in to buildings which can cause major disruption and costs.

  • We provide a full comprehensive service, including the excavation, installation and maintenance.

Dye and Smoke Testing

  • To check for open joints or leaking drains and to assist with the cause of foul odours and/or rodents.
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