Are you  planning on buying a property, there are a few things that are advisable to have surveyed prior to the completion of sale.

Roof inspections, plumbing surveys, electrical testing and central heating checks are all quite commonplace, but one type of inspection often overlooked is a #pre-purchase drain survey.

If you are a first-time buyer you may never have considered a #pre-purchase drain survey, and it isn’t a requirement for normal home-buying surveys, but without one you may be unaware of problems that aren’t noticeable from visual inspection or from above ground, and a fault in your #drainage system can be expensive to sort out after a purchase goes through.

Commercial property drainage systems, as well as domestic dwellings, should undergo a #pre-purchase CCTV drain survey as unexpected problems will not only be an added expense to your business account, but may mean downtime for your staff too. Equally, if you are purchasing a property on a buy to let basis, a #pre-purchase drain survey will allow you to keep a record for the future. This could be invaluable if a problem or dispute occur after your tenants have moved in. For further information on our services, call #John Wall Drainage Service now on #0151 495 1929