Benefits of a planned preventative maintenance contact:

  1. Preferential treatment of emergency callout situations – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  2. Employee discounts.
  3. If the maintenance we carry out is to clean the surface water drainage and this were to back up in between visits, these would be cleared free of charge.
  4. Trained, experienced operators will inform of any potential defects – before they cause you a problem.
  5. Any missing covers, health and safety issues, etc you will be informed immediately – preventing claims for litigation.
  6. Discounts for any repair work carried out.
  7. Free site visits to advise of any drainage problems.
  8. Be assured that we will be at the end of the phone as and when you need us – no need to be looking through business directories/internet, etc. 

To find out more call us now on 0151 495 1929