Maintaining your cesspit is essential,not just for your household but for your local council authority too.

A common problem with cesspits is overflowing, which can cause issues regarding cracked walls and punctures, which may lead to external leaks. Unlike septic tanks, a cesspit has no rudimentary treatment system, which means that whatever goes in, must come out. Under the public health act and water resources act your local council authority has a duty to ensure your cesspit is in good working order, routine inspections are commonplace throughtout the uk.

Do’s and Do not’s regarding cesspit maintenance

Never left the lid of your cesspit to check levels, inside there are a whole lot of toxic nasties, make sure you have an alarm system fitted within your pit.

Cesspits are often located in areas where other sewage solutions are just not practical. Make sure your cesspit is located at least 15 metres away from any outbuildings and not less than 10 metres from any watercourse.

Do not place heavy objects above manhole covers.

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