Renters will soon have new powers to challenge their Landlord over things like damp, ventilation, drainage and sanitary conveniences. New laws are expected to come into force from March 2019 after campaigning from housing charity Shelter and MP Karen Buck.

The Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act allows disgruntled tenants to go to the courts if their accommodation is not maintained well enough including things like natural lighting, damp, ventilation and drainage.

Crucially, the new bill will help private and social renter’s voices to be heard, by giving them the right to take their landlord to court over unfit and unsafe conditions in their homes.

The Act covers all tenancies less than seven years in length in both the social and private rented sectors.

A property will be unfit for habitation if there are serious defects in any of the following;


Freedom from damp


Water supply

Drainage and sanitary conveniences

For further information on the new legislation visit www.fitnessforhumanhabitationact