Playgrounds, car parks and large roof areas have to deal with large volumes of rain water often in a short space of time, therefore if gullies, road gullies and linear channel drains are not maintained and cleaned, the water run off cannot make it into the below ground drainage system and you get localised flooding. A natural build up of silt and debris over time will cause blockages in grids and gullies situated in playgrounds, however, aluminium cans, crisp packets, plastic bottles and tennis balls are also common place, the silt from large hard standing can also build up with the below ground drainage system leading to restricted flow. Here at John Wall Drainage Service Limited we can arrange a planned preventative maintenance schedule, where we can come and clean the drainage for you once or twice a year (depending on the size of the School), remove all the debris from the drainage and the high pressure water the drainage to ensure it is all running clear and free. For further information please contact us on 0151 495 1929.