As a homeowner you will be familiar with maintaining your home every now and again, the same applies for your septic tank, should you have one.

Under new legislation, if your septic tank discharges to surface water, you will need to install a small sewage treatment plant which cleans the liquid before it goes into the River or Stream.

Your septic tank must be maintained properly, if the tank becomes a problem for other members of the Public, your Local Council or Authority, they can and will get involved, insisting that it will be properly cleaned. If you have a permit for your tank, this will also outline set conditions that you’ll have to make sure you meet.

To meet these conditions, GOV.UK guidance explains that you should make sure the septic tank is emptied at least once a year by a Registered Waste Carrier, here at John Wall Drainage Service we are able to provide this service for you.

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